Who can apply for a Form 3ABC?
Non-profit organizations actively conducting charitable, educational, or scientific activities, owning property in Lincoln on January 1 of each year, must file a property return (Form 3ABC) with the Board of Assessors in order to receive an exemption for the fiscal year that begins on the next July 1. The forms must be filed with the Board of Assessors by March 1. Failure to file timely bars the organization from exemption for the upcoming fiscal year. If a time extension is needed, it must be requested in writing to the Board of Assessors.

A religious organization must file a Form 3ABC only if it is seeking exemption for property other than a house of worship or parsonage.

Form PC – A true and complete copy of the charitable organization’s most recent annual report to the Public Charities Division of the Attorney General’s Office (form PC) must be attached to the Form 3ABC. Failure to submit the Form PC also bars the organization from exemption.

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