Volunteers Needed


The Select Board and Water Commission are seeking applicants to fill an existing vacancy on the Water Commission.  The person appointed will serve a one-year term that will expire in March of 2023. In order to continue serving, the person appointed will then need to stand for election.  The fundamental responsibility of the Board of Water Commissioners is to provide safe water to the public. The Commissioners have the legal and financial obligations of ensuring that the drinking water meets all applicable Federal, State, and local laws and standards, as well as ensuring that the system revenue covers system operations, debt service, and reserves.  For more information, please visit the web page at: https://www.lincolntown.org/153/Water-Commissioners.

Letters of interest should be sent to Peggy Elder, Administrative Assistant in the Select Board’s Office, elderp@lincolntown.org .  For information or an application, please visit the Town website:  www.lincolntown.org or call the Selectmen’s Office at (781) 259-2601.



The Town of Lincoln depends on its citizen volunteers to work with one another on town-wide issues and to help shape community character.  The Select Board is seeking interested volunteers for the following Select Board appointed committees: Affordable Housing Trust, Agriculture Commission, Capital Planning Committee, Lincoln Cultural Commission, Pierce Property Committee, IDEA (Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Anti-Racism) Initiative, and the Roadside and Traffic Committee. For information or an application, please contact Peggy Elder at elderp@lincolntown.org or 781-259-2601.