Lincoln has 2 playgrounds for public use: BLUE (Ages 2-5), RED (Ages 5-7).

Our GREEN Playground (Ages 8-10) has been taken offline during the school renovation project, but will return!

The BLUE playground is available for public use from dawn to dusk, 7 days/week. The RED Playground is available for use before and after school hours (8-3 PM) M-F, and dawn to dusk on weekends. It is open dawn to dusk, 7 days per week during school vacations.

All playgrounds are located at the School Campus - Ballfield Rd. Lincoln, MA

Playground use is at your own risk and we do not recommend using them during the winter months when the safety surfacing is frozen and cannot provide protection from falls. 

 We also ask that you take your trash with you when you leave.