Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding System 2

Installation of wayfinding signs on Town Property at Lincoln Station/South Lincoln and other key destinations around Lincoln is vital to the Town’s revitalization goals for Lincoln Station. Starting with the kiosks as key points, the Wayfinding System will allow transit users, bicyclists, walkers/hikers, motorists, and visitors a system to find their way around Town visiting key destinations and local amenities. 

The First Phase of the Wayfinding System will be installed late summer/early September 2018 and include a small pocket park next to the commuter lot (unpaved residential lot) and include a bike repair system, bike racks and a kiosk. The first phase will include a wayfinding system that will bring visitors to Drumlin Farm with stops along the way at Codman Farm and the Codman House. Future phases will include destination to other locations throughout Lincoln. 

is effort is part of the Town’s revitalization goals for Lincoln Station in trying to make Lincoln Station/South Lincoln a vibrant Town Center and hub of the community, connecting to other local amenities in Town and the MetroWest region. The Town has worked closely with Minute Man National Historical Park, the Lincoln Conservation Commission, the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust, and other stakeholders in developing a Wayfinding System.​​