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Complete Streets Prioritization Plan

The Town of Lincoln, through the Complete Streets Working Group developed a new five-year Complete Streets Prioritization Plan. Complete Streets is a state funded grant program to help municipalities improve their streets to accommodate users of all ages and abilities, whether driving, cycling, or walking.  Each municipality is allowed up to $400,000 through a four year rolling period.  You can view the new plan and proposed projects below.

Town of Lincoln Complete Streets Prioritization Plan 2023

Complete Streets Project Worksheet

The Working Group used an online platform Wikimapping to garner feedback on where in Town residents would like to see improvements for walking, cycling, driving, and public transit.

Residents shared their thoughts about transportation issues and opportunities:  The portal was active for over four weeks.

Residents could also participate by completing  a short google form:

A Public Forum was conducted on October 27th at 7:00pm  via zoom.


 To view details on individual approved projects see menu on the left. 

Funding Request
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Time Line Of Events

  • The Town of Lincoln awarded $50,000 for Technical Assistance 
  • Public Forum October 19, 2016 
  • SOTT meeting November 12, 2016 included discussion on Complete Streets and Transportation concerns, issues and recommendations. Comments included in the prioritization recommendations.
  • 2nd Public Forum December 7, 2016 Presentation and Discussion of the summary of ideas and recommended project list as a result of the October public forum, online survey and SOTT comments. To view the video of the meeting click here
  • Winter 2017 Presentation of Complete Streets program and Prioritization Project List to the Board of Selectmen.
  • The Complete Street Policy was approved by the State on January 31, 2017. Lincoln received a score of 93 out of 100. 
  • Approved Five year Prioritization Plan lists desired Complete Streets projects for the next five years. 

To view material and documents click here. 

 About the Complete Streets Program

In support of the Healthy Transportation Policy and establishment of the Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 90I, through Chapter 79 of the Acts of 2014 (Transportation Bond Bill), MassDOT established a funding program to encourage municipalities to consider all users of streets when planning, designing and constructing improvements. By comprehensively planning for pedestrians, bicyclists and users of public transportation, as well as motorists, the local system can be expected to best serve everyone. MassDOT allocated $12.5 million for the first two years of the program and began accepting applications in 2016. 
 This program recognizes the importance in having a community choose for itself how to balance the needs of all users, as well as determining the priority of proposed improvements. Through the Complete Street Program, MassDOT makes available up to $400,000 per year for construction of eligible projects which achieve program goals. To qualify for this funding, a municipality must develop a Complete Street Policy and a Prioritization Plan of desired improvements.
 Preparation of a comprehensive Prioritization Plan requires considerable effort including the study of existing conditions, identification of possible improvement projects, preparation of cost estimates and establishment of prioritization criteria. Recognizing that this effort is extensive, MassDOT is also making up to $50,000 in technical assistance funding available to municipalities for this effort.
The Town of Lincoln was awarded $50,000 in Technical Assistance funding for professional services to be provided by Hayner/Swanson, Inc. (HSI) in support of Town staff in the effort to identify, evaluate and prioritize possible projects which will enhance Lincoln’s streets consistent with the principles of Complete Street Planning.
Below is a brief summary of eligible Complete Streets Infrastructure projects

Traffic & Safety
 e.g. pavement markings, signage, signals, speed humps, lighting, resurfacing, restriping, intersection reconstruction, traffic calming, roundabouts 

Bicycle Facilities
 e.g. shared use paths improvements, bicycle lanes, bike parking fixtures/shelters, safe drain grates, bike boulevards, wayfinding 

Pedestrian Facilities
 e.g. sidewalk repairs, ADA complaint, wayfinding sidewalks, curb extensions, crosswalks
For a more complex list click here.
Smart Growth America is a national organization dedicated to researching, advocating for and leading coalitions. Click here to view Complete Streets information.