IT Status Page

EMAIL 8/10/23: Call 877-224-8911 (Updated)

The good news is that we have moved email to the cloud. The bad news is that our computers do not know how to get there without some tweaking. I have worked out a procedure with our Managed Service Provider to fix the issue. If you are unable to access email, please call the All Covered Help Desk @ 877-224-8911 Option 1. They will remotely connect to your computer and perform the configuration changes necessary to get you connected back into email.

This fix has to be applied to each login on each computer. So if the fix was applied for one user on a computer, it will not fix another user on the same computer. Also if your desktop is working, your laptop will still need a fix as well. 

Update: Shared Calendars and Forwarding

Some shared calendars and forwarding to external email may not be working. If you are experiencing an issue with one of these elements or some general email weirdness, please contact Michael Dolan.

Reboots and Updates

Our new patching system will display the message below when your computer is ready to apply the latest updates. This is a legitimate message, and you can postpone the reboot screen for up to 4 hours. I recommend applying the updates as soon as you can because updates can break things in the background until a reboot is complete.