Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP)

Since the first piece of conservation land was acquired in 1957, the Commission and Staff have worked closely with the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust and Rural Land Foundation to identify and implement creative land-use strategies that balance growth with environmental protection. 

An Advisory Committee updated the 2017 Open Space & Recreation Plan. The OSRP serves as a tool to help Lincoln to maintain and improve its green infrastructure, such as conservation land, trails, working farms and forests, wildlife habitat, streams and ponds, parks, playing fields and courts, and swimming facilities. Planning for this green infrastructure is as important to the economic future of a community as is planning for schools, roads, and drinking water infrastructure.

 Some important sections of the OSRP include:

ADA Accessibility Evaluation

Public Survey Results and Community Outreach Feedback

Current 7-Year Action Plan

Action Plan Map and 

2008-2016 Action Plan Accomplishments

Lincoln takes great pride in achieving its Open Space and Recreation Goals:

  • Identify, acquire, and protect land for agriculture, conservation, habitat protection, and recreation to ensure the character of Lincoln remains intact for future generations.
  • Steward conservation, agricultural, and recreational lands to promote long-term sustainable production, ecological diversity, resiliency, and community access.
  • Promote appropriate access to, and use of, open space and recreation lands.
  • Educate residents and officials about best practices for achieving open space and recreation goals. Coordinate on programs and policies at the local and regional level.

Almost 35% or 5 square miles of the Town is protected by permanent conservation deeds or restrictions and users enjoy over 80 miles of trails. You can find specific Land Protection Tables here and the trail map and guide book are available for purchase at the Conservation Department.