E-911 Telecommunications

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Who We Are


The Town of Lincoln employs five (5) full time public safety dispatchers. Each dispatcher is responsible for dispatching police, fire and EMS personnel to emergency and non-emergency calls. Similar to the surrounding cities and towns, the Town of Lincoln operates a combined communications center. In a combined communications center the dispatcher is responsible for all three emergency services (police, fire and EMS).

Dispatch Staff

  • Lead Dispatcher M. Keough 
  • Dispatcher W. Lenox
  • Dispatcher J. Poisson
  • Dispatcher M. Sefton

Our Job Function 

A dispatcher's job function is much more than just dispatching the police, fire and EMS to calls for service; dispatchers are the lifeline between police officers and firefighters on scene of both emergency and non-emergency calls. A dispatcher's job function entails coordinating resources, making notifications, running checks on vehicles, requesting mutual aid resources, and documenting all incidents as they occur. In addition, dispatchers provide help to the public with general questions, directions to motorists, and a wide variety of other tasks.


Each public safety dispatcher goes through mandatory training to help prepare them for the emergency communications world, including training on the E-911 system. Once the dispatcher has completed all mandatory training requirements they will then spend about two months of on the job training in the communications center. Dispatchers also complete in-service training every year, as well as hours of additional training to better serve the Town of Lincoln.