Do I need a permit for roofing?


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1. What constitutes a conforming lot in the Town of Lincoln?
2. What if I own a nonconforming lot?
3. How do I apply for a special permit?
4. Will I have to expand or rebuild my septic system?
5. What if my proposed septic plan needs a variance?
6. What if I need to tear down an existing structure before I start my addition?
7. Once I am approved, can I get a demolition permit?
8. I want to build a fence. Do I need a permit, and is there a height limit?
9. Do I need a fence around my swimming pool?
10. My neighbor is building an addition, and the racket starts quite early in the morning. Are there any bylaws governing how early contractors can start working?
11. I’m curious about the house that is going up next door. How can I find out about it?
12. If I am having electrical or plumbing work done, when should my electrician or plumber get a permit?
13. Do I need a permit for roofing?
14. Do I need a permit to put up a tent?
15. What is the minimum frontage on a lot in Lincoln?
16. I am planning some renovations to my home, which is located in the Historic District. Do I need a special permit?