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Posted on: March 13, 2017

Lincoln Agricultural Commission - Proposed Bylaw Amendment

Lincoln Agricultural Commission                            

The Agricultural Commission was created to preserve, protect & promote agriculture in Lincoln.




Lynne Bower, Co-Chair        

Ari Kurtz, Co-Chair  

Beth Taylor, Commissioner   

Ellen Raja Commissioner                  

Karen Seo Commissioner
Nancy Bergen, Commissioner              

Heather Murray, Commissioner

 Stacy Osur, Commissioner

Louise Bergeron, Commissioner

Did you know?

  • Lincoln passed a Right to Farm Bylaw at the 2011 Town Meeting
  • Lincoln has been a farming community since the 1650’s
  • There are over 500 acres of active agriculture in Lincoln
  • There are over 16 farms of varying sizes: small, medium & large scale farmers
  • Many participate in farmers markets, community supported agriculture (CSA), farm stands, local markets & pick your own (PYO)
  • A variety of produce and animal products are produced in Lincoln such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs & plants, trees, maple syrup, wine, sheep, lambs, alpaca, horses, wool & knitted items, meat, eggs, cheese, milk & honey
  • The current bylaw does allow the sale of produce on lots either under or over 5 acres
  • The current bylaw only allows the sale of animal products on parcels of 5 acres or more
  • The current bylaw allows animals on parcels less than 5 acres for personal use only; however the bylaw does not allow the sale of any animal products such as eggs, honey, meat etc. on these parcels

Annual Town Meeting March 25, 2017

The Agricultural Commission is proposing to amend the current bylaw at the annual town meeting to allow the sale of animals and animal products on parcels under 5 acres that would respect adjacent property owners and be consistent with common practices in Lincoln. Please visit the Town of Lincoln’s website to view the proposed bylaw at

 To learn more about the Lincoln farming community please view these two videos:

 2000 Keeping the Tradition Alive: History of Farming in Lincoln from 1900-2000 

An overview of 2016 operations at Codman Farm

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