Lincoln Road Sidewalk Construction

Missing Link
Missing Link Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road Sidewalk Construction:

​This project includes construction of new sidewalk to address an existing connectivity gap in the Lincoln Station area. When the Town reconstructed this section of Lincoln Road in 2010, approximately 115' of proposed walkway, including drive openings, was not completed because of a right-of-way concern. The Town proposes to construct new sidewalk to address this gap. The sidewalk will be constructed within the Town’s right-of-way for Lincoln Road to avoid the right-of-way issue that precluded construction of the walk as originally designed. This link is considered critically important for residents and visitors.

Residents of The Ryan Estate, a nearby senior residential development, must walk in the roadway shoulder at this location to access nearby businesses and services, including the MBTA Commuter Rail-Fitchburg Line. These residents have expressed safety concerns and several report limiting their walking trips due to this condition. Students also walk and bike along Lincoln Road to access the Town’s Public Schools and Lincoln Station stores and restaurants. Completion of this sidewalk will improve safety for these students and our seniors. Connecting the sidewalk at this “missing link” was identified as a goal in our Complete Streets Public Forums. It is also identified as a high priority with a high MAPC Local Access Score as it provides access for seniors who attend church, shop at the local grocery store, and visit surrounding amenities. In addition to serving the needs of seniors and students, this sidewalk will improve access for the general public to the Village Center (Lincoln Station), Schools, Commuter Rail, and area attractions such as Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Sanctuary and Codman Community Farms.

​ This project will help meet the Town’s revitalization goals for Lincoln Station/South Lincoln, which include improving overall connectivity, flow, and safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicle operators and enhancing the vibrancy within this district. The Police Department identifies this project as a priority for ensuring the continued safety of our Village Center due to the wide range of users and activity in the area.

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