Water Ban & Water Restriction Policy

Outdoor Water Restriction Limited to Once Per Week

 Effective May 10, 2017 the Lincoln Water Department has instituted a Mandatory Outdoor Water Ban that only allows lawn and garden watering by means of automatic irrigation systems or manual sprinklers only once per week.  The water restriction consists of an odd/even watering schedule based on the last number of your house address.  Watering is allowed for addresses as follows:  

 Even numbers = Saturday
Odd numbers = Sunday

There will be no nonessential outdoor watering Monday through Friday via automatic irrigation systems or hose sprinklers.  Watering will only be permitted between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM for those types of systems.  The restriction includes the following provisions: 

 Uses subject to mandatory restriction

×             Irrigation of lawns via sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems;

×             Washing of vehicles except in a commercial car wash or for operator safety;

×             Washing of exterior building surfaces, parking lots, driveways or sidewalks, except as necessary to apply surface treatments such as paint, stain, or stucco.

 Uses that may be allowed during mandatory restriction

×             Irrigation to establish a new lawn and plantings during the months of May and September;

×             Irrigation of public parks and recreation fields by automatic sprinklers outside the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM;

×             Irrigation of flower gardens and ornamental plants by means of a hand-held hose or drip irrigation systems from 5  PM to 9 AM; and

×             Irrigation of lawns by means of a hand-held hose only between 5 PM and 9 AM .

 Uses NOT subject to mandatory restriction

×               For health and safety reasons;

×               By regulations;

×               For production of food and fiber for private or commercial use;

×               For maintenance of livestock; or

×               To meet the core functions of a business (golf course, plant nurseries)

Water Department staff will be monitoring all sprinkler use in Town and will stop to remind residents of the new restriction policy.  A second notice will result in a $50 fine, and subsequent violations will result in a $100 fine.  If any residents have questions, please contact Greg Woods, Water Superintendent, at 781-259-1329 Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.