Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School

Planning Board Site Plan Review & Conservation Commission Review

Please be aware that going on Minuteman property without prior notification and permission is considered trespassing. If anyone wishes to walk the property contact the Superintendent’s office and receive permission prior to going on the property. 

Minuteman received Site Plan approval by the Planning Board and approval by the Conservation Commission to construct a new school for Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School located at 758 Marrett Road in Lexington MA

The project consists of construction of a new building, parking lots, circulation, lighting, service areas, landscaping, screening, sports fields, and associated stormwater management structures. The area consists of 65.71 acres with a portion in Lexington and a portion in Lincoln. The current school is in Lexington. The new school will be located in Lincoln. 

Construction will commence in June 2017 with an anticipated school opening of September 2019.
All Material can be found on the planning board website by clicking here. 
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Points of contact are:
Paula Vaughn, Planning Board Administrator  781-259-2610 or vaughnp@lincolntown.org
Thomas Gumbart, Conservation Director at 781-259-2703 or gumbartt@lincolntown.org