Administration Division

Welcome to the Administration Division!

The Administrative Division is responsible for the day to day operations of the department and is under the direction of the Chief of Police. Responsibilities include setting department policy, overseeing personnel, managing the department fleet, upgrading and maintaining equipment, and budgeting. We work together with department personnel to run an efficient and effective department.

Our Administrative Division is comprised of the Chief of Police, the Police Lieutenant and Administrative Assistant.

Chief Of Police

The Chief of Police oversees the every daily operations of the police department including:

  1. Oversight of the department's day-to-day operations and budget.
  2. Promotion and rank placement of officers.
  3. Oversight of patrol, investigations, and specialty duties performed by officers.
  4. Production and development of department policies and procedures.
  5. Updating of department equipment such as police cruisers, firearms, communications equipment, and uniforms.
  6. Attend community events and provide briefings to various town boards and committees.

Police Lieutenant

The Police Lieutenant is under the direction of the Chief of Police oversees the daily operations of:

  1. Patrol Division
  2. Detective Division
  3. E-911 Communications Center.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant who works directly with the Chief of Police is responsible for preparing payroll records, generating various reports, gathering information, preparing bills for payment as well as processing purchase orders. The administrative assistant also acts as the parking clerk.