Restrictions, Conservation & Water Use


Mandatory Outdoor Water Use Restriction:
The Water Commissioners have relaxed the Outdoor Water Use Restriction to allow outdoor watering by automated irrigation systems and hose sprinklers to one day per week, effective May 10th. The restriction limits non-essential outdoor watering (i.e. lawn irrigation) to once per week based on the last number of your address. Addresses ending in an even number can irrigate the lawn on Saturdays and addresses ending in an odd number can irrigate on Sundays. To read the full policy, click here. Effective March 2016, drip irrigation systems can be operated at any time during day on the days that your address is permitted to water.


Rebates: The Department's Water Conservation Initiative includes rebates toward the purchase and installation of low flow toilets, high-efficiency washing machines, bathroom faucets, and irrigation system soil moisture controllers / sensors.


Residential Water Use:
Residential water usage for each address.

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Water Meter Information: