Assistance in Financial Emergencies

The Lincoln Council on Aging offers a number of programs for Lincoln residents of all ages in special financial need. Some have income eligibility requirements, but not all.

For Residents of All Ages

If you may lose your home or your ability to stay in Lincoln due to an unforeseen financial situation resulting in your inability to pay bills and $1300 or less for an individual or $1700 for a household would make a substantial difference, you may be eligible for the Emergency Assistance Fund. This program is funded by grants from the Ogden Codman Trust and the First Parish Outreach Committee and individual donations. It is overseen by the Lincoln Emergency Assistance Committee and provides grants in some situations in which this amount would enable a resident to remain in his or her home. You may only receive $1,800 in a lifetime for an individual or $2400 in a lifetime for a household..

For Residents of All Ages with Low Incomes

  • You have no food in the house and no money with which to buy food
  • You need a necessary medication and have no money with which to buy it
  • Your home or apartment has had an unexpected catastrophe such as a fire or flood and you need a place to stay for a night or two while your home is made habitable

You may be eligible for the Small Necessities Project. This Project, funded by the Ogden Codman Trust and overseen by the Lincoln Emergency Assistance Committee, provides small amounts of assistance for residents in extreme need while more permanent solutions to their situations can be found.

If you would like help paying your winter fuel bill, you may be eligible for the state of Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Program, which provides a benefit about $300-$500 to pay for fuel. The COA will help you fill out and submit the application. Please note that the state only accepts applications from November through April.

For Residents 60 or Older with Low Incomes

Those 60 and older with low incomes may be eligible for $25 worth of Farmer's Market Coupons to use to purchase fresh produce each summer and fall.  Call the COA for more information.  

For More Information or For Help

Call the Council on Aging at 781-259-8811 Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. If you need emergency food, medication, or lodging outside of these hours, call Public Safety at 781-259-8113.