Town Moderator

About the Position

The Town Moderator is the presiding officer of the Annual Town Meeting, Special Town Meetings, and other meetings that she is requested to officiate and to ensure that order is maintained.

The Moderator regulates its proceedings, decides all questions of order, declares the outcome of all votes, and has other power and duties as provided for that office by Massachusetts General Laws (see below) and town bylaws.

The Town Moderator is an elected position with a three year term. Her term expires in 2023..

Sarah Cannon Holden serves as the Town Moderator.

In nuclear physics the term MODERATOR is used to describe the substance which is mixed with uranium in a reactor to slow down the high-speed particles to the point where they can do some useful work.

Massachusetts General Laws / Chapter 39: Moderators

Leading up to Town Meeting there are many opportunities to discuss and provide input into the proposals that will be considered. Please check the town web-site for posted meetings. The Town Boards and Committees make every effort to provide open and informative meetings to anyone interested in joining their deliberations.


9:30 am, Saturday, December 2, 2023



                                                 Regular Town Meeting

                                    9:30 am, Saturday, March 23, 2024 

                                             Check-in begins at 8:30 AM.
                We will meet in the Donaldson Auditorium at the Lincoln Schools.

                                     Be sure you are a REGISTERED VOTER.

                                 The deadline to REGISTER is March 1, 2024.

 More information is on the website.  Please refer to it.

    There will be several on-line presentations from town boards posted there.

As Town Moderator I encourage you to participate in this annual event with the opportunity to experience direct democracy and to exchange ideas with your fellow Lincoln residents. I also encourage you to bring your children so that local government becomes a part of their education and an early experience in community participation.

 The Town Meetings are held in the Donaldson Auditorium at the Brooks School. When you arrive please sign in with one of the tellers who will check off your name on the voter registration list and give you a yellow voting card. Please arrive early so we can start on time. You may sit anywhere you wish in the hall. If you are not a registered voter in Lincoln and wish to attend the Meeting, one of the tellers will direct you to an area designated for visitors. You, of course, are not permitted to vote. The Annual Town Meeting usually takes all day; box lunches are available for a small fee or you may bring your own; and people gather in the Eating Commons around 1:00 for lunch and conversation.

Updated 6/18/21