Finance Committee Information

On Monday April 30, the Finance Committee hosted a public meeting to review both the School Building Project and the Community Center Project, in an effort to develop financial recommendations to the town.

This meeting was held at 7:30PM in the Hartwell B Pod, immediately following a multi board meeting (Selectmen, School Committee, SBC, CCPPDC, CCG) at 6pm.

The Community Center Committee was asked to submit the following documents in advance of the meeting:

Responses to Fincom Questions

Appendix Items:

A - COA Population & Attendance Stats

B - PRD Population & Attendance Stats

C - Results of 2015 Community Center Survey

D - Building Program

E - Updated Programming Matrix

F - Program Space Comparison Chart

G - Parking Analysis

H - Program Principles

I - What Can we learn from Other Towns?

J - Community Center Cost Estimates

K - What Will Happen to Bemis Hall?

L - Current Community Center Scheme Drawings